Darkstarz Films

Picture Darkstarz Films is a company determined to bring your ideas to life. We are a small crew but take your projects seriously. Music videos and Films are important ways to make your song or idea come to life. If You are an artist and would love to shoot a music video we can help you without leaving you broke in the process. We understand that as independent artists finances can be over whelming especially in today's economy. We offer Professional HD High Quality Videos for a low price. Why should you have to give up quality because your funds are low? At Darkstarz Films we understand because we are artists, performers, producers and more. Why not make your vision a reality by contacting us for your next project

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Gee Dark

PictureGee Dark is a Music Producer/Artist/ Graphic Artist/Web site Designer/ Videographer/Director and founder of Darkstarz Films. Gee always had an attraction to the camera as a teen but it wasn't until 2002 when he took his dream serious. Gee Dark continues to bring ideas to life with his charismatic, clever mind. Already being skilled in so many fields Gee brings videos to life.

Gee has been working on new ideas for his personal film projects and continues to help Darkstarz Films clients with a new direction in video. With the help of the darkstarz films staff they bring you all of their strengths for your film needs.

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